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Giraffe Mama


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One of A Kind Polymer Clay Sculpture
Sculpture Size: 7 X 3 in.
Edition Size: Open

One of the most elegant and astonishing creatures of the Savannah, Giraffe reach 18 feet tall and weigh up to 3000 pounds, with a 2 foot long tongue! Amazingly enough, this grand beast can also sustain 35 mile per hour speeds and delicately remove tiny leaves from the forest canopy. No two animals have the exact same pattern of geometric designs on them, perhaps that is why the ancient Greeks believed Giraffe was a child of the Camel and the mistress Leopard. A very gentle creature, called "Zarifa" is Arabic, which means charming one; Giraffe has not natural enemies except the Lion. Brought to China in the 1400's, it was called "Quilim" and was said to appear only in lands ruled by wise and perceptive leaders. Giraffe is the epitome of quiet power, strong and effective, and shares with us the gifts of enhanced perception and higher awareness.

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